1. Providing institutional arbitration, mediation and other dispute avoidance and resolution services;
  2. Building and strengthening local capacity for critical legal analysis in collaboration with the academia and the legal community, both local and international, in the area of international arbitration;
  3. Educating and training law students, lawyers, judges, members of the business community and government officials to equip them with the requisite knowledge and practical skills in connection with international arbitration;
  4. Reforming and modernizing Pakistan’s legal framework for international arbitration;
  5. Initiating and improving the quality of discussions by and between members of the local and international legal and business communities as well as interested individuals and entities in the public sector;
  6. Drawing on the assistance and expertise of CIICA’s Global Board of Advisors and other local and international arbitration experts to tailor training, research and advice to the specific needs of relevant agencies and entities, both local and international;
  7. Pursuing research and work on publications in collaboration with partners in the international arbitration community around the globe;
  8. Providing independent analysis and advice on relevant issues in the area of international arbitration;
  9. Developing procedures to strengthen Pakistan’s capacity for prevention/avoidance of international investment and commercial disputes as well as the capacity to manage Pakistan’s international treaty and contractual obligations; and
  10. Forging alliances with local and international institutions that share our vision and objectives.
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