The Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration Young Arbitration Group

Guidelines for Authors and Editorial Policy


Guidelines for Authors

  1. All submissions must be sent to
  2. All submissions must:
    • be provided in MS word format;
    • be in size 12 font and Times New Roman;
    • include the name of the author(s), along with a very short bio including firm or organization name, city, country and email address; and
    • contain references to material relied upon in any submission in footnotes and follow the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. Do not use endnotes.

Blog posts

  1. Blog posts should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1,500 words.
  2. Content of blog posts should focus on developments or topics of interest relevant to dispute resolution in Pakistan or internationally.
  3. Authors may consider the use of visual illustrations such as photographs that may enhance the appeal of the post. The Editorial Board retains discretion as to whether to publish such visual illustrations or photographs as part of the post.

Journal articles

  1. Journal articles should be between 5,000 words and 10,000 words. Shorter or longer articles may be considered on a case by case basis.
  2. An abstract of maximum 150 words should be provided with the journal article.
  3. The journal should be published three times per year. The Editorial Board will issue a call for papers, including focus topic(s) and the submission deadline for each publication.

Editorial Board Policy

  1. All submissions are subject to peer review by members of the Editorial Board.
  2. The Editorial Board does not guarantee publication of any submission. Editorial decisions are based on the merits of each submission and all decisions remain within the full discretion of the Editorial Board.
  3. The Editorial Board may return submissions to authors with suggestions related to substance and/or style.
  4. All submissions must be the original work of the author and must not be either published previously or being considered for publication elsewhere.
  5. The Editorial Board will not publish, without relevant permission having been obtained by the author of a submission, any material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights.
  6. Authors must disclose whether they or their law firm, office or employer were involved in any particular case or development which forms the focus of the submission.
  7. In providing your submission to us for publication, you warrant that:
    • the submission is your original work;
    • you have obtained any and all internal approvals required from your employer (if any) to publish the submission;
    • the submission has not been published elsewhere, or, if it has been published elsewhere, you have obtained any relevant permissions to reproduce the submission; and
    • if the submission contains copyrighted material, you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner and that the copyrighted material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text.
  8. The Editorial Board reserves the right to remove from the CIICA website and from any CIICA publication such as an electronic/online journal any publication if it has reason to believe that it violates this Policy.
  9. Blog posts or Journal Articles can be republished/reproduced by the authors on their own websites / profiles or that of their Employer’s provided the authors acknowledge the first/original publication on the CIICA website. Third parties are not allowed to republish any of the CIICA publications without the Editorial Board’s prior approval.
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