Global Arbitration Review (GAR) report on the launch of CIICA’s legislative reforms committee:


Although legislative reforms has been one of CIICA’s objectives since its inauguration, in order to undertake it in an organized manner with greater vigour and a sharper focus, CIICA constituted and launched its legislative reforms committee in August, 2020. The committee comprises well-recognized senior and young international arbitration practitioners and is chaired by one of Pakistan’s most well-recognized international arbitration practitioners, Mr. Makhdoom Ali Khan.


The committee’s objectives are as follows:


1.      Examining Pakistan’s current legal framework for domestic and international arbitration to Identify specific provisions that need to be amended and providing reasons for the amendments;

2.      Identifying and proposing any international conventions such as the UNCITRAL Model Law that need to be enacted and the advantages of doing so;

3.      Drafting the text of the proposed amendments; and

4.      Engaging with relevant government bodies and officials to advocate/lobby for the reforms.

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