Name Country Language(s) Specializations
Gary Born U.S. English, German Joint Venture, Investor-State, M&A, Investment Banking and other financial services, Project Finance, Energy, Oil and Gas, Intellectual Property and Insurance disputes
George Bermann U.S. Fluent in English and French General Commercial Contracts, Construction, Distribution and Franchise, Purchase Price Adjustment, Intellectual Property, Insurance
Toby Landau U.K. English Agency, Dealerships, Distributions, Franchising Company (Shares & Equities, Joint Ventures, Partnership, M&A, Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Natural Resources, Information Technology, Telecommunications Investment, Commodities, Treaty, Maritime, Admiralty, Shipping, Charter Party, Vessels, Bill Of Lading, Shipbuilding
Leon Trakman Australia English, Dutch and Afrikaans Construction, Shipping, Insurance, Investment, Commodities, Commercial Contracts
Wenhua Shan China English, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese Investment Treaty Arbitration; Chinese Law; EU Commercial Law; Public International Law, Maligning, Tourism, Manufacturing, Finance, International Commercial (contract, corporate etc) law, Corporate matters including Equity Transfer and Swaps
Justice (Retd.) Nasir Aslam Zahid Pakistan English and Urdu Maritime law, Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas, Government Contracts
Chin Lim Hong Kong English, Malay, Indonesian (fluent); certain Chinese dialects (spoken only) Commercial, Construction, Energy, Investment Treaties and Commercial Treaties, Hong Kong’s Treaty Arrangements
Francis Xavier S.C. Singapore English, Malay, Tamil Arbitration, Building and Construction Law, Banking Finance and Securities Law, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Company and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Landlord and Tenant Law
Justice (Retd.) Sheikh Ijaz Nisar Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Infrastructure, Government Contracts
Salman Talibuddin Pakistan English and Urdu Project Finance, Banking, Construction and Engineering Contracts, Debt and Equity Financing, and Mergers and Acquisitions
Armand Mestral Canada/Switzerland English, French, Spanish (reading knowledge) Investor State, Maritime, Intellectual Property
Andrew Newcombe Canada English Investment, Commodities, Treaty
Justice (Retd.) Khilji Arif Hussain Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate
Arshad Ghaffar U.K. English (fluent) and Urdu / Hindi (spoken only) International Investments, Commodities, Treaty, Maritime, Company & Corporate, Agency, Distribution and Franchising, Commercial Contracts, Telecommunications, Engineering/Technical, JVs, Power/Energy, Aviation, Construction, Hotels,Tourism and Transport
 Mark Kantor  U.S.  English  Commercial Contracts; Sales Contracts; Construction and Engineering Contracts; Corporate Law; Agency, Distribution and Franchise; Intellectual Property; Technology; Political Risk Insurance; Commercial Insurance; Licensing; Leasing; Real Estate; Investment; Hotels; Commodities; Manufacturing; Joint Ventures; Partnership; M&A Transactions; Energy; Natural Resources; Oil & Gas; Power; Telecommunications; Treaty; Maritime; Project Finance; Banking; and Debt and Equity Financings.
 Makhdoom Ali Khan  Pakistan  English and Urdu  Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Natural Resources, Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Investment, Commodities, Treaty, Maritime, Admiralty and Shipping
 Karamat Ullah Chaudhry  Pakistan  English and Urdu  Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, Oil & Gas
Tariq Mahmud Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure
Ranjeeta Kaur Malaysia English and Malay Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Energy Related Disputes, Education & Training, Infrastructure, Architecture & Design, Employment, Industrial Relations, Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance
Engr. Zafar Hussain Siddiqui Pakistan English and Urdu  Contract law, FIDIC Conditions of Contract, ICSID/Investment disputes, Claim consultancy, Arbitration on Disputes on Construction Contracts between Government and National & International Contractors
Lawrence Schaner U.S. English Commercial contracts; sales contracts; distribution and franchise; agency; intellectual property; technology; insurance; securities; M&A; aerospace and defense; government contracts; hotels; telecommunications
Nudrat Piracha Pakistan English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi Investor-State Arbitration, International Commercial Arbitration, Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure, Public Private Partnership, Shareholder Disputes, Corporate Governance, International Business Transactions, World Trade Organization (WTO), Power and Energy
Justice (Retd.) Sheikh Riaz Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Infrastructure, Government Contracts
Tony Zhen-an Zhang China Chinese and English International trade law, Maritime, Charter Party, Bill Of Lading, Shipbuilding, Letter of Credit, Insurance, Building and Construction Law, Banking Finance and Securities Law, Competition Law, Chinese law, International Investment, investor-state dispute, Shares & Equity Contract, Joint Ventures, Steel Industry, Mining
Sumaira Nazir Siddiqui Pakistan English and Urdu International Investment, Construction, Infrastructure
Engr. Liaqat Hayat Pakistan English and Urdu Dispute resolution and Claim Evaluation with Quantum Analysis related to construction disputes, Contract Management particularly based on FIDIC rules/documents, Procurement of works and services (as procurement specialist in NHA)
Engr. Nazir Ahmed Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate
Engr. Dr. Shahid Mahmood Pakistan English and Urdu Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate
Engr Christiaan Grosskopf; IntPE South Africa English Engineering and construction with an emphasis on large hydro and infrastructure projects mainly under FIDIC contracts, Adjudication, Dispute Avoidance / Resolutions (DB member)
Natasha Peter U.K., France and South Africa English and Freanch Energy, Renewables (including Wind, Solar and Biomass), Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Finance, Telecommunications, Consumer, Distribution and Franchising, General Commercial and Contract
Syed Asif Ali Burney Pakistan English and Urdu Infrastructure, Engineering, Construction and Commercial Contracts, FIDIC, EPC, BOT, PPP, JVs, Procurement of Works
Arran Dowling-Hussey Ireland English General Commercial Contracts, Construction, Distribution and Franchise, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Partnership, Sport
Victor Leginsky





Joint Venture, General Commercial Contracts, Construction, Distribution and Franchise, Purchase Price Adjustment, Energy, Oil and Gas, Partnership

Construction, Commercial, Art, Sports

Dr. Tariq Mahmood U.K/Pakistan English, Urdu, Punjabi construction, commercial, art, sports
 Grant Hanessian  U.S.  English, Spanish (reading knowledge), French (reading knowledge)  Investment Treaty, Agency, Banking, Commercial, Commodities, Construction and Engineering, Corporate Law, Distribution, Energy, Franchising, Government contracts, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Joint Ventures, Leasing, Licensing, M&A Transactions, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Partnership, Power, Project Finance, Real Estate, Sales, Securities, Shareholder disputes, Technology, Telecommunications
Saadia Bhatty France and UK English, French, Urdu Joint Venture, Investor-State, M&A, Mining, Oil and Gas, General commercial contracts, Information & Technology, Construction
Dr. Serhat Eskiyoruk Turkey English, Turkish Commercial Contracts, Construction, Energy, Investment
Dr. Mustafa Alper Ener Turkey English and Turkish ADR, Investor-State Disputes, International Trade, Energy, Sales Contracts, Conflict of Laws, Law of Citizenship and Foreigners
Syed Muaz Shah, Esq. Pakistan, US, UAE, & UK English and Urdu Media, Commercial, Energy, Inter-Governmental, Islamic, NGO, Family. [Mediation (Alternative ADR)]
Engr Abdul Majid Khan  Pakistan English and Urdu Dispute Resolution/Arbitration, Contract Management, Construction Management
Shaun Leong, FCIArb Singapore English, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Natural Resources, Renewables, Commodities, Infrastructure, Engineering, Construction, Transport, Manufacturing, Agriculture, ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) disputes, Automotive, Project Finance, Banking, Finance, Debt and Equity Financing, Commercial Contracts, Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions disputes, Company, Shareholder disputes, Joint Ventures, Partnership, Dealerships, Distribution and Franchise, Licensing, Purchase Price Adjustment, Insurance, Technology, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Investment Treaty Arbitration, Investor State Arbitration, Singapore law, Common Law Jurisdictions, ASEAN disputes, Belt & Road disputes, Expedited/Emergency Arbitrations.
Mehrdad Mohamadi Iran English and Persian International commercial contracts, Oil & Gas, Investor-state, Maritime, Aviation, Energy, Transport
Kabir Duggal U.S. (primary), U.K. (India) English and Hindustani Agency, Dealerships, Commercial, Contract, Distributions, Franchising Company, Shares & Equities, Joint Ventures, Partnership, M&A, Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Natural Resources, Information Technology, Telecommunications,  Investment Treaties, and Commercial Treaties
Ebrahim Saifuddin Pakistan English and Urdu Investor-State Disputes, Energy, Oil & Gas, Media, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical & General Commercial Contracts
Muhammad Arslan Pakistan English and Urdu Contract Interpretation, Contractual Claims Evaluation, Quantum Analysis on contractual claims, Contracts Administration on Standard Forms of Contract (FIDIC etc.) and bespoke Contracts, Dispute Boards, Arbitration, Negotiation
Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab Egypt Arabic, English and French Civil law, Common law, Islamic law, International law (Public and Private), Investment Arbitration, Commercial Arbitration, Construction & Infrastructure, Online Dispute Resolution, Joint Ventures / M&A, Energy & Natural Resources, International Trade and Finance, Agency/Distribution/Franchising, Insurance, Telecommunications & Artificial Intelligence, Tourism and Leisure
Jorge I. González Carvajal Venezuela Spanish, English and Italian Commercial Contracts, Joint Venture, Construction, Shipping, Charter Party, Vessels, Bill Of Lading,  Insurance, Investment, Oil and Gas/Energy
Antolín Fernández Antuña Spain English, Spanish and French Agency, Banking, Bankruptcy, Commercial Treaties, Construction, Corporate, Distribution, Energy, Financial Services, Franchising, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Insurance, Investment Treaties, Joint Venture, Life Sciences, M&A, Media, Mining, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Partnership, Pharmaceutical, Power, Project Finance, Real Estate, Renewable Energies (Solar, Hydro, Wind), Telecommunications, and Transportation
Robert Walters Australia English Financial, Banking law, Commercial Contracts, Energy, Intellectual Property, Mergers-Acquisitions, Insolvency, Restructuring, FinTech, Crypto Assets-Stablecoin, Data Protection & Data Flows, Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, Tax, Trade Agreements, Digital Agreements, Agriculture ( Biosecurity, Agricultural-Veterinary Chemicals, Commodities, horticulture), Private International law
Roman Zykov Russia Russian, English and Swedish Sales of Goods, Commercial, Manufacturing, Construction, Agency and Distribution, Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, Commodities, Corporate, JVs, Insurance, Banking, Project Finance, Maritime, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Aviation and Space, Telecom, IPR and Licensing, Investor-State
Khushboo Shahdadpuri UAE/Singapore English, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia and Sindhi (Spoken) Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, Commercial, Corporate, Technology, Intellectual Property, Shipping, Joint-Venture, Real Estate, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Energy, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Distribution Agreements, Expedited and Emergency arbitrations
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