International investment and commercial arbitration are fast-developing and intellectually challenging areas of law with high practical relevance. CIICA is a registered, independent and non-partisan organization that aims to raise awareness about the fundamental issues involved in international arbitration including the implications of having an arbitration clause in agreements between states and private parties as well as the substantive and procedural aspects of arbitral proceedings before international arbitral tribunals.

The Center’s Founder and President, Rana Sajjad, considered setting up this Center imperative partly in view of Pakistan’s involvement in arbitral proceedings before international arbitral tribunals including the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The Center will raise awareness about legal issues that have either been disregarded in the past by Pakistan’s legislature,  judiciary and the relevant government departments/agencies or whose importance has not been fully appreciated due to the lack of knowledge and expertise in this area.

A deeper understanding would, as a first step, enable stakeholders to be aware of the far-reaching implications of failure to prevent/avoid an international commercial/investment dispute. Furthermore, in case of a dispute, the stakeholders will be equipped with the relevant knowledge to understand the legal procedure adopted by international arbitral tribunals for resolving such a dispute.

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